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I’ve decided to end Maschinerie. There’s the simple (and truthful)… 
24th-May-2009 01:14 pm
I’ve decided to end Maschinerie.

There’s the simple (and truthful) answer that my time is almost beyond sparse. But there’s a bigger issue at hand, one that I think is fair to use the end of Maschinerie as a venue for.

Although journalism and Maschinerie as such an entity are supposed to keep relatively objective, I’m going to speak personally, from my opinion, as to why my heart isn’t in promoting this specific scene anymore. Music has always been my life and I’ve never tied myself to one specific genre. I did, however, always feel at home with the goth/EBM/industrial scene. I still do.

The thing is, I see this scene falling apart in sad ways. I literally cannot stomach 99% of the new bands that come out under the umbrella of this scene. There is nothing new. Everything is bland and a repeat. I can’t tell the difference between bands, and sadder still, I can’t tell the difference between a band’s songs!

I originally wanted to search through mimicking crap to find the bands in this scene that were actually original, actually finding something real within their creativity to share with us. But now, there is just too much shit. For every 1,000 bands there is one band that maybe has potential.

The miracle of accessible technology, especially music technology, has everyone thinking they can be musicians. People depend on computers and convention to create their “music.” Nobody is stepping out of the goddamn formula! There are no variables, nothing is changing! There is no passion! The saddest thing is when I hear a new band whose entire sound is comprised of GarageBand samples and synths I recognize completely. You cannot drag and drop beauty.

I refuse to be bored.

And if it’s not original, it’s frighteningly immature. Songs screaming in violence, lyrics that are glorified death threats? What is this? There is a time and a place for it, and it’s respectable if it’s eloquent. But it’s not. It’s a 15-year-old’s diary.

Some bands have become parodies of themselves. Other bands claim to be vehemently alternative when they are really just a darkened version of pop bands. It’s too much masquerading; too much is contrived.

In these times I’ve listened to the classics—Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, The Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division—and sought new music in different genres that fulfilled similar desires as what I wanted out of this scene.

I’m incredibly thankful for the experience of Maschinerie. Though it never blossomed as it could have, the people who DID step up and WERE willing to help mean so much to me. Those people who believed in my dream of spreading music love mean so much to me. The bands who were out there, fighting the good fight, mean so much to me. I’m glad you all exist. I’m sorry you have to push against all of this bullshit.

I’m not done promoting, running little zines or being an active member of any music scene. I have a billion things in mind for when I have a little more time to get things started. I’ve learned from this, and will only make future ventures better.

Here’s to good music: I hope to soon find a way to promote it and celebrate it effectively. I hope also that this awful trend of bad music will cave in on itself, and we’ll be able to welcome true creativity, true art.

If you want, keep in contact. I’d love that. I’d love to have those of you who worked with me to continue to work with me in future projects if they interest you. Help keep the main goal of Maschinerie alive: good music getting pushed to the top, above boredom, above mediocrity.

See you soon.

Maxine Nation
maxinenation –at- gmail –dot- com.

P.S.: If you’re curious, here’s an explanation of what happened with the Comp Project. I literally haven’t had time to sit and let you know. More or less, technical difficulty after technical difficulty made it a much more drastic problem than I could deal with. It was an uploading issue that I tried two separate services for, and neither could help me. I threw my hands up and hoped to get back to it after I took care of my Real Life a bit more. Real Life has yet to give me a break. I really believed in the Project, and hope one day I can actually get it going. But for now, I’m giving it a rest.

P.P.S: I’m aware GeoCities is closing. Yes, Maschinerie is THAT ghetto that we had to use GeoCities. I will try to get everything saved nicely, for memory’s sake.
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