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m a s c h i n e r i e e - z i n e L J c o m m u n i t y
E B M • i n d u s t r i a l • g o t h
w r i t e . f o r . m a s c h i n e r i e ! 
18th-Sep-2007 03:42 pm
Goth/EBM/industrial (and all that encompasses) music lovers! We need your love and talent to help the good stuff out there shine. I know it would be so much cooler if you could work on a team for a larger and more advanced ‘zine, but it’s only with your help that Maschinerie could someday be there, too. So please consider writing for us, whether it’s articles, reviews, interviews or whatever interesting story you’re interested in writing. It doesn’t take any massive requirement: write as often as you want, when you have time to, or are inspired to. All of us already on the team are eager to have more people join us, so don’t be scared. You are a fan: your opinion matters, too.

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